September 26, 2023

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Basic principles of office etiquette

Basic principles of office etiquette | office etiquette | principles of office etiquette | Powerful office etiquette in the workplace

Office etiquette tips | office etiquette | Powerful office etiquette rules | Basic principles of office etiquette |

Talking of Office etiquette, it is a set of implicit rules for professionalism and courtesy practice of employees. Office etiquette allows employees to build relationships with colleagues and clients. That helps employees move forward in their careers. So, everyone should learn the basic principles of Office etiquette to make the workplace compatible.

Define etiquette:

In general, etiquette is a code of conduct in society or among members of a particular profession or group. In short, the behavior or method of communicating with others that we have learned since childhood.

Therefore, everyone should follow principles of Office etiquette & manners to make the workplace compatible.

Maintain office punctuality:

Punctuality not only means coming ten minutes early in the office but also be on time of attending meetings, presentations, or seminars. It shows you the respect and value of colleagues who are working with you.

If you are unable to reach the office on time you should inform the subordinate 10-20 min earlier, so that they can adjust the schedule accordingly.

Never yell at other team members:

Most often, it occurs with juniors or less experienced employees. Needless to say, using a higher pitch in the voice or the reflection of anger and aggression is a clear sign of non-professionalism.

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office etiquette

Since not everyone can understand what you want to, be polite with them. Make them understand what you want them to do with a gentle smile. 

Act as a team player:

One of the rules of office etiquette is to open, communicate, and interact with your team members as much as possible. Be sure to listen to the other person’s opinion.

Of course, you may not always agree, but be open and try to find some common areas, as you can learn something new and gain the respect of your colleagues.

Always maintain tidiness:

Your desk/workstation reflects your thoughts so if it is untidy then you are choked as a person with unclear thoughts. Moreover, your messy desk can disturb others and distract you from the professional image of the company you’re trying to convey.

So, whenever you use or share your desk please accurately keep your things. Following table manners, others consider you as an organized & responsible employee of the organization.

Maintain proper dress code:

Always wear the appropriate clothing for your office. Wear modest, conservative neat clothing. Remember, what you wear signifies a lot about who you are. Also, it refers to how aware you are of your skills and knowledge about your work.

Further, make sure you bathe and use deodorant daily. This is an important practice of corporate etiquette when you are working in the United States.

Make the noise as low as possible:

Most of the time phone rings loud during meetings or an important presentation with clients. This disturbs others. It forcibly makes them treat you as an undisciplined employee. This could be great harm to both of you and the organization’s reputation.

So, always keep your phones in vibrate mode that doesn’t interrupt the environment. This silly mistake can hamper your career as well.

Be always tolerant:

There are different people and personalities in the workplace. Try to accommodate all the differences between you and your colleagues.

Always keep an open mind to listen to the different points of view of co-workers with the intent. This will help you to be more focused on your job.

Treat your colleague with respect:

Criticizing or making fun of other ideas is considered as a very bad manner in every workplace. There must be a difference in everyone’s point of view. Respect their opinions.

If you don’t like someone’s idea you should make him/her understand without using any negative impression or make fun of it. Passing any vulgar comments to your colleagues is clear violence of official etiquette.

Always try to give your best:

One of the best ways to get out of the crowd is to try your best every moment. You can start it going through the office door each morning. Don’t focus on other people. Even if they do notice. Don’t care for recognition.

People still think that they are better than you, even if they see that you have done very well. Do your best to increase your self-pride. Always be proud of it. Do it for self-esteem. Then stick to it.     

Don’t waste time gossiping:

Never engage in offensive gossip or office politics. These spread fast in the office environment. So, be safe against running and deploying them.

Further, blame games have never been successful for anyone. Don’t discuss anyone’s personal life in off times. It will give a bad impact on your relationship with co-workers.

So, maintaining dining etiquette is one of the major professional etiquettes among all corporate etiquette.

In conclusion, we can say that workplace etiquette is part of the work environment. Follow etiquette will not only help you create a positive and efficient work culture but also help you achieve a good reputation at work.

For this reason, observe it, follow it otherwise you will be responsible for the loss of your career and goodwill.

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