May 19, 2022

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How to succeed in freelancing

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Freelancing is a place where gender is not important at all. Anyone can be a freelancer. But before that, he/she must know how to succeed in freelancing?

All you need is a passion for your work. Passion to achieve goals. There will be so many obstacles but it will not come down. Be patient and try more for your destination.

How to succeed in freelancing | how to become a freelancer | how to do freelancing | how to start freelancing | freelancing benefits | Freelancing

How to become a successful freelancer?

I’ve shared some of my personal experiences about How to succeed in freelancing. Let’s get into it deeply.

First, you need to check the profiles:

You have to study on other freelancers profiles to become a successful freelancer. Note the points they highlight in their profiles.

But be careful not to copy others, just take ideas and use them to create your profile. Otherwise, the career will stop before it starts.

Second, create an interesting portfolio of your own:

This portfolio must include some of your previous work along with website links, some of your best work demos, etc. Do not include everything you have done with significant ratings.

This will create a positive impression on you. The chances increase of getting hired. This is how to succeed in freelancing.

Third, the most important part of freelancing is English:

Since most clients are international, you need a common language that both of you can understand. Otherwise one cannot understand the other. This miscommunication will create a negative impression on you.

Also, quick access to text or voice calls is a key pillar of a freelancer. If you don’t understand things quickly, they will stop working with you for a long time.

Fourth, don’t create an account without knowing something better:

Because it can’t help you find the jobs you want. There is a lot of competition in this freelance field, so if you want to work here for a long time, take the step with experience.

Share your profile on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Showcase your work on Instagram or Pinterest.

By having this person around the world, you will know who and what kind of work you can do. This will make your profile stronger than ever.

Finally, a unique cover letter:

Many freelancers around the world do not get jobs because they are quite experienced in this field. Why? This is simply because of their unprofessional cover letter.

A cover letter is not like a friend’s letter. It can be considered a boarding pass; Without it, you cannot enter the flight. Similarly, the cover letter cannot hire you without the client.

Highlight the summary of your cover letter and things

Make sure you highlight your summery related to the work e.g What are the requirements of the client, how much experience do you have in this type of work, when do you submit the job, and if you have any questions, ask if you have any questions.

How to withdraw money from freelancing sites?

How to succeed in freelancing, How to succeed in freelancing, Recent Job Circular
withdraw money

Though, internet is not a very safe place, if you don’t know how to transact money through freelancing, you can easily be fooled. Your hard work can only be meaningless. That is why it is necessary to clear the means of obtaining remuneration.

Through local currency:

Many marketplaces such as up work, E-lance support banks. Whenever you make money from these marketplaces you will need to add your local bank account number for direct deposit to your bank account.

Through PayPal and Payoneer:

PayPal and Payoneer are now used almost everywhere in the online market. Thus, you need to create an account on the sites of PayPal and Peony. Link your PayPal account to your Pioneer account.

Link your Payoneer account to your local bank account. Local banks in most countries are approved with Pioneer. So, you can easily make money using Pioneer MasterCard.

Through Skrill:

Now Skrill is a very popular online payment gateway. It allows you to transfer money easily, quickly, and securely.

Register your name, add your address, and link to your local bank account. That’s it. Now you can withdraw your money from the local bank.

Some wrong perceptions about freelancing

  1. Thousands of amounts of money can be easily earned by spending 2 hours per day.
  2. Training centers teach freelancing and outsourcing.
  3. Only IT background people can do freelancing well.
  4. Captcha Entry, Fake Like, PTC, BET 365 are Freelancing jobs.

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